Asbestos Ceiling Tiles [Potential Risks And Safety Measures]

Asbestos was extensively made use of as a component of ‘popcorn’ ceiling into your homes or via asbestos ceiling tiles It was likewise utilized as decorative sprays on the wall surfaces or for soundproofing features. Off late there has really been a bunch of issue pertaining to using asbestos ceiling tiles due to harmful influences of asbestos bits on human wellness.

Threats of Asbestos ceiling tiles

Asbestos consists of dangerous silicate fibers that could be air-borne on using physical pressure on asbestos ceiling tiles. The fibers when breathed in are maintained by the lungs and also activate powerful lung problems, such as mesothelioma cancer or asbestosis. Also if ceilings are asbestos-free, particular insulation items like Zonolite made use of in attic room floorings, could launch dangerous degrees of asbestos while repairing a ceiling follower or a light. asbestos ceiling tiles could include formaldehyde and also such unsteady organic drugs as aspects. Asbestos uncovered in ceiling ceramic tiles, if in exceptional problem, sets off no risk nonetheless loose, brittle or moist asbestos is harmful. Boring and also scratching of such product is a carcinogen. In those instances, the structure proprietors have to get rid of the asbestos ceiling tiles. It can also take necessary actions to avoid asbestos straight exposure because of asbestos contaminated ceiling tiles.

Safe Handling of Asbestos ceiling tiles.

The greatest method is to prevent making use of asbestos ceiling floor tiles. Nonetheless, if you are preferring to make use of asbestos ceiling floor tiles, you must have to take important precaution to stay clear of asbestos straight exposure. Several of the activities are:

1. Select low-emitting ceiling tiles accredited by a reputed company like Greenguard Environmental Institute.

2. Usage absorptive ceiling tiles that catch scents and also chemicals discharged from framework tasks.

3. Install ceiling tiles in a building just after painting, flooring or other such work is over. This avoids the ceiling tiles from absorbing and maintaining the chemicals and natural solvents.

4. Recycle old ceiling tiles under brand-new programs.

5. Work with professionals to rebuild asbestos ceiling tiles as they adhere to safety and security standards as well as policies. Prevent sanding and dry-buffing asbestos floors.

6. Adhere to moist removing or prefer to make use of reduced abrasion pads here 300 rpm to stay clear of direct exposure.

7. Report any busted ceiling tiles to Environmental Health & Safety Department.

Submit an Employee Exposure Report within 24 hrs or when feasible with the Environmental Health & & Safety Department in instance of unintended direct exposure to asbestos.

Report any busted ceiling tiles immediately.

Remember! A small straight exposure to asbestos fibers could activate lung conditions, asbestosis or mesothelioma cancer. It is better to secure compared to sorry.


Pic Source : HSE GOV

Off late there has actually been a great deal of problem relating to the use of asbestos ceiling floor tiles as a result of that of hazardous influences of asbestos fragments on human health and wellness.

Asbestos consists of deadly silicate fibers that could be air-borne on using physical pressure on asbestos ceiling tiles. Asbestos uncovered in ceiling floor tiles. If in exceptional problem, triggers no threat yet loose, wet or crunchy asbestos is dangerous. In those situations, the framework proprietors need to remove the asbestos ceiling tiles. Or take needed activities to stay clear of asbestos direct exposure because of asbestos contaminated ceiling tiles.

If you are making use of asbestos ceiling tiles, you have to take required safety measures to stop asbestos direct exposure.

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  1. Antonio sandra

    Asbestos ceiling tiles may be dangerous not only in terms of being carcinogenic but also water leakage can make them weak and prone them to break afterward. But they are still the best to use in terms of durability and being easy to fix. So, the solution in case of any threat is to heed to all what you posted in this article.

    Anyway, Thanks for this wonderful piece.

  2. Ree picking

    Very important things have discussed here. Very simple things we know, but we did not know about the harmful effect of Asbestos ceiling. I have carefully gone through this topic. I knew, asbestos ceiling makes home or office more beautiful. But the health issues are the big thing. I got some good things from the last part of your blog post. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

    • Gerald Nathan

      Hai Ree, thanks for your response. Yes you right, I will go through to research of how the harmful effect using Asbestos ceiling.

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