We always look for master bedroom ideas when we want to decorate the bedroom. It will be beneficial in bedroom makeover. As women, we need to state our feminine side. We can really show it through bedroom theme. The feminine theme can be applied to the master bedroom. To strengthen the statement, we suggest you to pick floral motive. What are the details of this idea? Let’s go through this Feminine Master Bedroom article.

The Details of Feminine Master Bedroom Ideas

The idea of creating a feminine master bedroom idea has less to do with its occupants and is more about the color scheme, decor and the overall ambiance of the room. While masculine bedrooms come with rigid, straight lines, typically stoic hues such as gray, black and brown, and decor that does away with the unnecessary frills, feminine bedrooms take the opposite approach.

One thing has been clear here: we will use flower as motives for the master bedroom. The next task is picking the kind of flower. It can be roses, jasmine, carnation, edelweiss, lily, tulip, or even the local flower in our country. We should know that each flower represents different personality. To know further information about this, we will need to read some articles on this topic. The next step to realizing the master bedroom ideas is picking the main color theme.

We can use platform bed or sleigh bed for the master bedroom. Decorate it with bedding that has flower motive. If you pick pink as the main color theme and roses as the flower, then your bedding can be in pink color and has roses motive on it. Buy curtains, lamp shade, and wall decals in similar color and flower motive. Balance it with white furniture color. This is how you should create the feminine master bedroom ideas.

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