Polished Concrete Basic Things [Simply Tips and Tricks]

Polished concrete flooring has many processes that need right and proper devices. These things have to be fulfilled if you want to get the targeted result. This seems complicated and difficult. To understand the process, you need to know the basic of polished concrete flooring. We have simple and brief explanation of this flooring. You need to also know the tips to buy the materials. You need to remember that any design or project will have challenges.

Polished Concrete Flooring Basic Things

Almost any structurally sound concrete floor, whether old or new, can be polished. But there are some exceptions.

For new floors, no special mix design is requiring to achieve good results. However, the floor should be in place at least 28 days before polishing begins to ensure adequate curing. Some retail and warehouse facilities that plan to polish their floors after placement may specify the installation of as smooth a floor as possible to minimize the polishing steps required.

Existing floors typically require some surface preparation prior to polishing to remove dirt, grease, coatings, or blemishes. Floors that are wavy, need extensive patching, or are extremely porous may not be good candidates for polishing. An experienced contractor can usually determine a floor’s suitability.

To help solidify and density polished concrete surfaces, some contractors apply penetrating hardeners to the concrete, normally after the first step of the grinding process. These products, which can be apply to new or existing floors, work by reacting chemically with the concrete to form a hard, crystalline structure. They also prevent dusting of concrete and offer extra protection from water penetration and staining.

Sanding Wood Polished Concrete

When you hear polished concrete flooring term, you will probably remember the sanding wood. To make this flooring, you need to grind the surface of the floor using a tool named diamond-segmented abrasives material. It will make the floor shiny. The same is true in sanding wood. You will need to upgrade the coarser grit to finer one abrasive. You will get a result will be like mirror on the finish.

The method to apply the polish floor is flexible: you can use the dry and wet way to apply. Of course each method provides its own advantages and lacks so you should not worry. If you want to use dry method, you can get faster process and result. This is used in industry purpose. If you want to apply wet method, it aims to cool the diamond itself for polished concrete flooring.

Some of words above taken from Concrete Network

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