Why Turquoise Bathroom Design ?

Turquoise bathroom design is really unique and cheerful. The color is so bright that it makes the bathroom looks clean and tidy. If it is used in the right composition, people can also feel calm and relax when they are taking a bath in this unique bathroom.

Turquoise color is very appealing, attractive, elegant and modern that perfectly fits a home interior since it gives out a relaxing feel to the place. It is cool, and provides a positive feel to an interior design since they are sometimes associate with the color of the ocean. Turquoise is not just appealing; it is also harmonious and vibrant. In a bathroom interior design, turquoise color scheme provides great ambiance, since we like to lounge on a tub or have long relaxing showers after a long day to calm and relax. The color also provides a clean and welcoming look that is not just simple but very much flowing with elegance.

How to use turquoise color in the bathroom?

Creating Turquoise Bathroom design at Home

To turn the bathroom into turquoise theme, we need to decide what things in the bathroom that will use this color. Commonly, a house owner decorates turquoise bathroom with turquoise as the color of the wall, mirror frame, towels, or wall and flooring tiles. Well, these are just examples. You need to use your imagination to create the design here. You are allow to choose turquoise as the color of the bathtub. If you can’t find one, you can paint the white bathtub into turquoise.

You can also choose turquoise shower curtain either with motives or not. To strengthen the turquoise feel, pick bathroom amenities in turquoise color. Hang a mirror that has artistic turquoise frame. On the wall, use turquoise tiles as accent toward the white tiles. This can also be done for the flooring. You can also pick bathroom vanity in turquoise. Although everything is in turquoise, you can pick different shade of turquoise for all the things in the bathroom. This way, the turquoise bathroom won’t look too much.

Pics Source : Pinterest